• ​Описание:The ADJ Fog Fury Jett is a high velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog from 12x 3-Watt LEDs (3 x Red, 3 x Blue, 3 x
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    563.28 лв
  • ​The ADJ VF1300 is a 1300W mobile Fog Machine that is great for mobile entertainers, medium size nightclub and bars, bowling centers and special
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  • ​mydmx GOADJ’s mydmx GO is a revolutionary new lighting control system that is extremely powerful and incredibly easy to use. It combines a uniquely
    389.60 лв
  • ​UV LED BAR20 IRFeatures:- Bright, high output Ultraviolet Bar with 20x 1-Watt UV LEDs- Includes wireless remote control (control On/Off and strobe
    366.13 лв
  • ​UB 9H The ADJ UB 9H is a 41.75-inch (1meter) professional grade indoor linear fixture powered by nine 6W RGBWA+UV HEX LEDs. Its bright
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  • ​ortable high output bubble machine Specifications: • Portable high output bubble machine - creates hundreds of bubbles per minute •
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    219.40 лв
  • ​- Compact DMX controller for ADJ HEX series products - Control up to 6 individual, RGBWA+UV LED fixtures or fixture groups - 6 user
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  • ​Color Stand LED If you use portable speaker, you no doubt have or need speaker stands. American Audio has reinvented the humble speaker stand
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  • ​LTS 300 - max height: 3m - min hight (secured by bolts): 1,48m - incl. square T-Bar for up to 4 fixtures - T-Bar width:
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    186.76 лв
  • ​BOOM BOX FX2. Put some "BOOM" into your lightshow! Create pure lighting excitement for any event with the 4-FX-IN-1 Boom Box FX2. Cover the
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  • ​Mister Kool II Over 10 years ago, Mister Kool became one of the leading, affordable, yet portable, low-lying professional fog machines on the
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  • ​BOOM BOX FX3 Specifications: • High Output 3 FX in 1: Mini Dekker Effect (2 x 10W RGBW LED’s), Matrix TRI Color LED Effect (9 x 3W RGB TRI
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  • ​Specifications: - Unique mini laser that projects more than 200 blue and red beams that can be projected on a dance floor, ceiling or
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  • ​The American Audio, Media Operator BT is a fast, simple and reliable all-in-one MP3/Bluetooth media player designed for permanent installations
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  • ​Black tripod stand is ideal for hanging several types of par cans or pin spots - Extends up to 2,7m - Easily fold up for transport and is
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