• ​Wireless Instrument System with Ci1 Guitar Cable (626 - 668 MHz) What's Included: • EM 100 G4 True Diversity Receiver • SK 100 G4
    1171.15 лв
    1523.20 лв
  • ​Wireless 2 Instrument System For Bass, Guitar & Keyboard Instruments Robust Instrument Cable and Transmitter True Diversity
    751.04 лв
    819.10 лв
  • ​UHF Instrument Set SK-XSW Bodypack Transmitter EM-XSW 1 UHF Receiver Antenna-Switching Diversity Reception Automatic Frequency
    539.81 лв
    584.40 лв
  • ​UHF Wireless Brass Set with e908T Gooseneck SK-XSW Bodypack Transmitter EM-XSW 1 UHF Receiver e908T Gooseneck
    751.04 лв
    819.10 лв
  • ​Belt Pack System with Headworn Microphone HM3 (incl. R300 Receiver and Stand Adaptor) BP-300 is an all new metal bodypack transmitter that is
    607.87 лв
    781.55 лв
  • ​Clip-On Microphone with GooseneckThe PRA383 is ideal for saxophones, woods, eastern and western strings and percussion because of its high SPL
    115.40 лв
  • BLX14RBodypack Wireless SystemWireless Systems Family BLXSystem Includes WA302Cable, Instrument, 2.5 foot (.75 m), 4 Pin Mini Connector (TA4F) to
    735.00 лв
  • GLXD14 Bodypack Wireless SystemWireless Systems Family GLX-DSystem Includes GLXD4Single-channel wireless receiver with LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency
    950.00 лв
  • GLXD14/BETA98H Instrument Wireless SystemWireless Systems Family GLX-DSystem Includes BETA 98H/CA versatile solution for brass or percussion
    1260.00 лв
  • Beyerdynamic NE 600 S features: 9,5" true diversity receiver (UHF) Frequencies: 16 pre-programmed frequencies Frequency range: 774 - 798 MHz
    781.00 лв
  • UHF Wireless-System with bodypack transmitter, non Diversity receiver with adjustable balanced jack output, HDAP Technoloiy(High Definition Audio
    210.00 лв
    269.00 лв