• ​Outstandind Handling, Versatility Guaranteed! The MZ-X500 is the flagship of the new CASIO MZ-X series and delivers impressively rich sound
    970.86 лв
  • ​Описание:Perform. Create. Inspire! Just like the MZ-X500, the MZ-X300 is equipped with innovative effects and many new sounds and rhythms,
    584.80 лв
  • ​Keyboard61 keys (C2 – C7) with velocitySystemUpgradable operating system, Multitasking, Load while playSound GeneratorEDS-X (Enhanced Definition
    2736.00 лв
  • ​Keyboard 61 semi-weighted keys (C2 – C7) with velocity and aftertouchSystem Upgradable operating system, Multitasking, Load while playSound
    3910.00 лв
  • НАЛИЧЕН, ЗАРЕДЕН, ГОТОВ ЗА РАБОТА !!!Keyboard61 keys (C2 – C7) with velocitySystemUpgradable operating system, Multitasking, Load while playSound
    2541.00 лв
  • ​Keyboard     Pa4X ORIENTAL 76: 76 keys (E1 – G7)    Semi–weighted keys with Velocity and
    7040.00 лв
    7727.00 лв
  • ​Официално видео упътване на KORG Pa4X със субтитри на български език!Keyboard:Pa4X 76: 76 keys (E1 – G7)Semi–weighted keys with Velocity and
    6746.00 лв
    7433.00 лв
  • ​Keyboard    Pa4X ORIENTAL 61: 61 keys (C2 – C7)    Semi–weighted keys with Velocity and
    6645.00 лв
    7336.00 лв
  • ​Най-новия високопроизводителен аранжор от PA серията на KORG! PA900, разполагащ с Defined Nuance Control за изключителен реализъм, нови палитри от
    3324.00 лв
    3950.00 лв
  • ​Expandable Arranger - Instrument for musicians needing professional sounds and authentic backing styles from all over the
    2024.28 лв
  • ​Keyboard61 keysVelocity sensitivity is supportedSystemUpgradable Operating SystemRX (Real eXperience)Multitasking, Load while play featureTone
    1269.00 лв
    1580.00 лв
  • KeyboardKeyboard type: 61 keys (velocity sensitive)Keyboard Modes: Whole, Split, DualDisplay type132 x 64 dots, Graphic monochrome LCD (with
    846.86 лв
    969.17 лв
  • microARRANGER PROFESSIONAL ARRANGER Meet your new musical partner, the Korg microARRANGER.This compact keyboard can quickly turn your ideas into
    1172.00 лв
  •  The Pa600 it is the latest keyboard in the Korg Pa series of internationally acclaimed and best-selling musical arrangers. Besides being
    1759.00 лв
    2370.00 лв
  • Sounds 1,172 tones, 60 Drum Sets Multitimbral parts 3 real-time parts (UP1, UP2, LWR) + 16 song parts Master Tuning 415.3 to 466.2 Hz Key Control
    1425.80 лв
    1612.93 лв
  • Keyboard: 61 Keys with Touch Response Voice: 300 Voices Style: 100 Styles Song: 100 Songs Demo: 10 Demo Songs Polyphony: 32-Note (max) Accompaniment
    265.00 лв
  • Korg Pitch Bender for PA2X Pro - also fits PA1X Pro, PA800 and Triton 88 Studio. Comprises pot, frame and lever.
    89.00 лв