• ​Bass Line - Boutique version of the legendary TB-303 Overview The battery-powered TB-03 is a direct descendant of the famous TB-303 Bass
    731.48 лв
  • ​Rhythm Composer - Boutique version of the legendary TR-909. Overview The influence of the TR-909 drum machine is still heard—and felt—more
    685.98 лв
  • ​Drum Sound Module - Created for top-flight live performance, intense practice sessions, and eclectic studio work. Overview • Flagship
    4500.00 лв
    4838.76 лв
  • ​Sound Module - Ultra-compact recreation of the iconic JUPITER-8 synthesizer Overview The legendary JUPITER-8 synth is back as a
    838.02 лв
  • ​Sound Module - Ultra-compact recreation of the iconic JUNO-106 synthesizer Overview The limited-edition JU-06 is an authentic recreation
    632.99 лв
  • ​Backing Module - Dream machine for the entertaining artist or solo musician who needs a backing band onstage, in the studio, or at home • Great
    1519.68 лв
    1729.30 лв
  • Ableton Live software is a powerful, flexible environment for creating, performing, and producing music. This unique software demands an equally
    422.46 лв
  • Monotribe highlights: The powerful sound of true analog synthesis3-part analog drums, using discrete analog circuitryPopular Electribe-style
    333.31 лв
    390.00 лв
  • The new MOTIF-RACK XS is packed full of inspiring sounds, exciting rhythms and expressive control that spur your creativity to new heights — any
    2823.70 лв