• ​350 mW RGB large power laser, 350 mW-R + 350mW-Y + 50 mW-G STABLE TE COOLED LASER DIODE (CNI) HIGH SPEED 25 KHz SCANNER 2 x AUTO SHOW
    1525.55 лв
    2147.50 лв
  • ​Energetic LED moonflower effect with endless uses and continuous rotation effects Features Combined color/gobo wheel creates 14 richly saturated
    199.50 лв
    258.17 лв
  • ​Easily set up and tear down in seconds with the included tripod, carry bags and footswitch Create large, coordinated light shows with other
    506.95 лв
    549.99 лв
  • ​Features:Shaking and lighting with changing rainbow colors and gorgeous patterns.Support DMX512 control, sound control, master-slave control and
    419.00 лв
    459.00 лв
  • ​Quad-colored effect light generates crisp beams that cover the entire room The Comet™ LED uses red, green, blue and white LEDs to shoot crisp beams
    117.35 лв
    157.00 лв
  • Led 10W - simulated water flowing effect. Specifications - Bright 10W LED simulated water flowing effect - Designed to project on walls, ceilings or
    233.53 лв
    265.00 лв
  • Mini Laser stage lighting Holographic Laser Star Projector Dynamic Liquid Sky Animated Moving Starts Cloud formation Fully Adjustable Motion
    69.69 лв
    101.00 лв
  • ​Power: 80W Voltage: 100-250V / 50-60Hz Lamp: high power LEDs RGBW 4IN1 10W ×7pcs Colors: RGBW Color Mixing Waterproof Rate: IP20 (Indoor) 
    132.00 лв
    159.00 лв
  • ​Mister Kool II Over 10 years ago, Mister Kool became one of the leading, affordable, yet portable, low-lying professional fog machines on the
    244.09 лв
    269.76 лв
  • ​The 4PLAY™ provides a ready-to-go light bar for the entertainer on the go.The 4PLAY™ provides a ready-to-go light bar for the entertainer on the go.
    349.00 лв
    369.70 лв
  • ​Light Source LED stage light 18*1W RGBWInput Voltage(V) 90-260Certification CE/RoHSConsumption Power(W) 20WDMX Control Channel 7CHNet Weight
    119.00 лв
    139.00 лв
  • ​The ADJ Fog Fury 1000 is a 650W compact, high output fog machine with new advances in technology. It has a special heating element design that uses
    147.86 лв
    167.86 лв
  • ​Produces Laser patterns that can be projected on a ceiling or wall - Massive beam spread covers a large area - great with or without fog -
    187.76 лв
    207.76 лв
  • ​Mega TRIPAR Profile PLUS The Mega Tripar Profile Plus features 5 x 4-Watt, 4-N-1 RGB + UV LEDs which offers smooth Color Mixing, has a
    173.68 лв
    193.68 лв
  • ​Unique DMX laser that projects red, blue & magenta patterns - 20 laser patterns can be projected on a dance floor, ceiling or wall - 6 DMX
    187.76 лв
    207.76 лв
  • ​SPECIFICATIONS - LED Moonflower with sharp white beams utilizing one 3W LED - Effect switch: beams slowly rotate or are static (not a
    138.47 лв
    158.47 лв
  • ​The Vertigo is one of the most popular effects in the history of ADJ Lighting. ADJ is taking the Vertigo HEX LED to the next level powered by two
    187.76 лв
    207.76 лв
  • ​The Aggressor HEX LED is easy to set-up and use as it’s 60 multi-colored beams move to sound of music. ADJ has added IEC In/Out connectors to
    239.39 лв
    259.39 лв