• ​350 mW RGB large power laser, 350 mW-R + 350mW-Y + 50 mW-G STABLE TE COOLED LASER DIODE (CNI) HIGH SPEED 25 KHz SCANNER 2 x AUTO SHOW
    1525.55 лв
    2147.50 лв
  • ​COLORband PiX IP Great for use as a powerful wash with the additional eye candy of pixel mapping effects, COLORband PiX IP is a must-have
    490.52 лв
    657.16 лв
  • ​Energetic LED moonflower effect with endless uses and continuous rotation effects Features Combined color/gobo wheel creates 14 richly saturated
    199.50 лв
    258.17 лв
  • ​B-550 Bubble King B-550 Bubble King is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high
    323.88 лв
    376.50 лв
  • ​ortable high output bubble machine Specifications: • Portable high output bubble machine - creates hundreds of bubbles per minute •
    176.03 лв
    219.40 лв
  • ​Движеща глава с WASH ефект, Програма AUTO, SOUND, DMX MODE, STROBE.
    199.00 лв
    240.00 лв
  • ​192 DMX channels.12 scanners of 16 channels each.23 banks of 8 programmable scenes.6 programmable chases of 184 scenes.19in standard length for
    148.00 лв
    189.00 лв
  • ​Features:Shaking and lighting with changing rainbow colors and gorgeous patterns.Support DMX512 control, sound control, master-slave control and
    419.00 лв
    459.00 лв
  • ​Quad-colored effect light generates crisp beams that cover the entire room The Comet™ LED uses red, green, blue and white LEDs to shoot crisp beams
    117.35 лв
    157.00 лв
  • Led 10W - simulated water flowing effect. Specifications - Bright 10W LED simulated water flowing effect - Designed to project on walls, ceilings or
    233.53 лв
    265.00 лв
  • Mini Laser stage lighting Holographic Laser Star Projector Dynamic Liquid Sky Animated Moving Starts Cloud formation Fully Adjustable Motion
    69.69 лв
    101.00 лв
  • ​FeatureLight Source: 4*10W +1*10W cree RGBW 4IN1 LEDDouble faces led moving head, beam&wash effectProfessional 15/21CH and RGBW changing
    220.00 лв
    250.00 лв
  • ​Power: 80W Voltage: 100-250V / 50-60Hz Lamp: high power LEDs RGBW 4IN1 10W ×7pcs Colors: RGBW Color Mixing Waterproof Rate: IP20 (Indoor) 
    132.00 лв
    159.00 лв
  • ​Mister Kool II Over 10 years ago, Mister Kool became one of the leading, affordable, yet portable, low-lying professional fog machines on the
    244.09 лв
    269.76 лв
  • ​ Професионална машина за балончета* капацитет 2400 балончена в минута* сдва вентилатора за по-широко разпръскване* двустранно разпръскване на
    175.00 лв
    199.00 лв
  • ​The 4PLAY™ provides a ready-to-go light bar for the entertainer on the go.The 4PLAY™ provides a ready-to-go light bar for the entertainer on the go.
    349.00 лв
    369.70 лв
  • ​The ADJ Fog Fury 1000 is a 650W compact, high output fog machine with new advances in technology. It has a special heating element design that uses
    147.86 лв
    167.86 лв
  • ​Produces Laser patterns that can be projected on a ceiling or wall - Massive beam spread covers a large area - great with or without fog -
    187.76 лв
    207.76 лв