• ​RCF ART 732 A MK4 Активна ТонколонаДигитална активна тонколона 12" + 3" v.c., 700Wrms, 1400WpeakОсновни характеристики: 131 dB Max SPL1400 WATT
    1743.00 лв
  • ​Активна колона RCF - 1100W, 12''1100 W Class D Amplifier90 x 60 constant directivity coverage angle12" neo woofer, 3.5\" mm voice coil1.5" neo c.
    4087.00 лв
  • ​12" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker. ELX200-12P features high-efficiency Class-D power amplifiers (up to 1200 W) with integrated QuickSmartDSP, and
    1171.15 лв
    1405.85 лв
  • ​600-Watt 12-Inch 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker With the TX2 Series, Alto Professional has created a family of powered loudspeakers suitable for
    434.20 лв
    551.54 лв
  • ​12" 1000 W Powered Loudspeaker The Cerwin Vega CVE-12 powered Loudspeaker features 1000 watts of Class D Power, a 12" woofer and a 1" exit high
    819.10 лв
  • ​2 way active speaker 12" woofer 800W Technical Data Speaker Type2-Way Active Speaker Acoustical data Frequency Response
    748.69 лв
  • ​Караоке тонколона – 12“ с вградени: усилвател, акумулатор, USB, SD, MP3 плеър,FM радио, Bluetooth, безжичен микрофон 1бр., дистанционно
    179.00 лв
    199.00 лв
  • ​12" 600W Portable speaker with remote control, an integrated USB port and SD slot for playing MP3 files. Details A professional 12" 600W
    490.52 лв
  • ​3-amped Stereo System with two full-range tops and one subwoofer. ES503 is the ultimate portable column speaker PA system. Perfect as a
    1924.54 лв
  • ​SPECIFICATIONS System Type Self Powered 12”, two-way, bass-reflex Maximum SPL Output 135 dB peak Frequency Range (-10 dB) Main: 44.8
    2059.00 лв
    2261.00 лв
  • ​SPECIFICATIONS System Type Self powered 12”, two-way, bass-reflex Max SPL Output 136 dB Frequency Range (-10 dB) 40 Hz - 21 kHz
    3329.00 лв
  • ​2-Way Active Speaker. The active two-way speaker series providing a professional sonic performance to all kind of users. The most accurate
    558.59 лв
  • ​FEATURES1400 watt 2-way peak power130 dB max SPLDigital bi-amplification, SMPSDSP sound processing90° x 60°, wide dispersion constant directivity
    1344.00 лв
  • ​FEATURES1400 watt 2-way peak power131 dB max SPLClass-D Bi-amplification, SMPSDSP sound processing90° x 60°, wide dispersion constant directivity
    1928.00 лв
  • ​12" 2-way full range plastic АКТИВНА ТОНКОЛОНАМощност ( RMS ) : 100 WПикова мощност: 400WИмпеданс: 4 OHMЧувствителност: 1W/1m ; 96dBЧестотен
    315.00 лв
  • ​ULT: Ultra Long Throw.PreSonus® ULT12 active loudspeakers combine the widest horizontal dispersion of any loudspeaker in their class with a
    2154.04 лв
  • ​Studio sound. Live performance.StudioLive® 312AI Active Integration loudspeakers deliver studio-monitor accuracy onstage with unprecedented
    2546.04 лв
  • ​AIR12: Versatile, customizable, and easy to transport.Compact and lightweight, AIR12 active loudspeakers provide a rich, extended low-end and
    1174.04 лв