• ​Defend your Alto Professional Truesonic TS210 against the inevitable bumps, scratches and dents that come from constant transport. This durable,
    68.06 лв
    89.70 лв
  • ​The American Audio, Media Operator BT is a fast, simple and reliable all-in-one MP3/Bluetooth media player designed for permanent installations
    204.19 лв
  • ​Volume control 120W 100V Specifications: Rated Power: 120W 100V Attenuation: 10 steps + Off Dimensions: 115x70x85
    46.94 лв
    59.00 лв
  • ​EV ZLX 15 Cover, matching Cover for EV ZLX 15 and EV ZLX 15P
    98.88 лв
    129.70 лв
  • ​AL800 - automatic Acoustic Level Limmiter For Clubs, Pubs etc.
    1053.80 лв
    2020.81 лв
  • ​Alto Stealth Wireless Expansion Kit for Stealth Wireless, Frequency: 863 - 865 MHz Consists of 2 additional receivers
    429.50 лв
  • ​Add wireless audio connectivity to any active loudspeaker Enjoy faster setups and teardowns Eliminate complex cable runs Dual-channel
    786.24 лв
  • ​6 pairs stereo speakers volume control 300W Total power of controlled speakers: 300W Total Attenuation: 42dB Attenuation positions:
    352.04 лв
  • ​Ultra-Portable Powered PA System350 Watts of continuous powerLightweight, one-piece design for convenient transportTwo 10” speakers with cables
    823.80 лв
  • ​Gooseneck LED Light with XLR ConnectorThe L02X gooseneck LED lights are perfect for mixing consoles, DJ mixers, power conditioners or any electronic
    23.96 лв
  • ​EV ZLX 12 Cover, matching Cover for EV ZLX 12 and EV ZLX 12P EV ZLX 15 Cover, matching Cover for EV ZLX 15 and EV ZLX 15P
    98.88 лв
    129.70 лв
  • Рупор за усилване на звука; високоговорител(за всички,които искат да бъдат чути от-далече)
    65.00 лв
  • Nominal Input Level-20 dBuInput Impedance1 M ohmsNominal Output Level-20 dBuOutput Impedance1 k ohmsRecommended Load Impedance10 k ohms or
    269.90 лв
  • Get tube-like distortion, smooth sustain and super fat toneThis BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on
    49.59 лв
    54.59 лв
  • Universal phantom power supply for any condenser microphoneSelectable +12 / +48 V power supplyUltra low-noise audio performanceDC 12-Volt adapter
    68.00 лв
    79.00 лв
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight pedal board for transporting up to 12 effects pedalsGenerous 1.7 A power adapter included for powering more than 12
    215.93 лв
    251.12 лв