• ​UHF Wireless In ear Monitor system. 48 preprogrammed frequencies availiable within 25MHz RF bandwidth, Built-in limiter, Front panel monitoring
    528.07 лв
  • ​Receiver for Wireless In ear monitor System freq. B (864.625 Mhz)
    103.27 лв
    113.27 лв
  • ​Earphones for In-Ear Monitor applications. The IE 4 reproduces an outstanding sound quality and high dynamic. It is equipped with exchangeable
    145.51 лв
    161.94 лв
  • ​In-ear wireless monitor system Evolution Wireless In Ear System, 2x BODYPACK UHF receiver (EK 300 IEM G3), and 9,5" transmitter (SR 300 IEM G3)
    3048.74 лв
  • ​In-ear wireless monitor system Features Sturdy metal housing (transmitter and receiver 42 MHz bandwidth: 1680 tunable UHF frequencies
    2107.61 лв
    2344.64 лв
  • ​19" 1 U Analog-Digital Converter, convertst 16 analoque input signals to digital 24-Bit signals for the transfer with CAT5, Jack and TRS Inputs, 2x
    455.32 лв
  • ​16 chanel Mixert for the musician, desk top housing, adjustable EQ, Volume and Panorama (Balance) per channel, 16 switches with LEDs, Solo and Mute
    596.14 лв
  • ​Безжичен комплект за камера включващ:Безжичен приемник TG-98RA Безжичен предавател TG-98TA Микрофон тип
    580.00 лв
  • ​UHF Wireless In ear Monitor system. 16 preprogrammed frequencies availiable within 24 MHz RF bandwidth,
    394.30 лв
  • ​Receiver for wireless IEM system - output power 2x50 mW, Earphone impedance > 16 Ohm, Freq. Response 80 - 15 000 Hz, 2 x 1,5 V AA batt
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    368.48 лв
  • ​Personal In-Ear Monitor Belt-Pack - features a locking XLR input and a 3.5mm headphone output with volume control. It allows you to monitor the
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    75.37 лв
  • ​P9TERA - psm 900 безжична стерео монитор система с техническа награда за иновации. включва P9T - безжичен трансмитер и P9R - безжичен бодипак
    2478.00 лв
  • ​EP2TR215CL - PSM 200 "in-ear" безжична мониторна система със слушалки SE215Built-in audio limiterFront mounted antennaTwo mic/line input channels
    1260.00 лв