• ​Изпробван захранващ адаптер за безжични системи. 12V, 1A (вътрешен +)Подходящ за актуалните  модели на Shure, Sennheiser, JTS, ANT, HED  и
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  • ​ОписаниеThe VC1 is a 3m (10') 3.5 mm stereo audio extension cable, featuring two core shielding and a gold plated jack and socket. It is ideal for
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  • ​SC6 SpecificationsWeight50gDimensions50.00mmH x 50.00mmW x 50.00mm
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    149.00 лв
  • ​Спецификации40 cm (15.75") TRRS cable to connect to any iOS device headset jackXLR input connector for microphonesGain control+48 V phantom
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    89.00 лв
  • ​Acoustic Singer - All-in-one preamp and effects solution for singers who play acoustic guitar • WARRANTY: 3 years Overview For
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  • ​Transport Bag for 6 Microphone Stands The BGMS 6 B is a heavy duty carry bag that holds 6 microphone stands. The bag is made from tough 600D
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  • ​FeaturesUSB Interface OutputExtremely Low Noise Discrete Front EndUp to 70dB of Clean, “Musical” GainHigh Output Signal Drive CapabilityFast FET
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  • ​High quality digital interface for XLR microphones3m shielded Lightning cable3.5mm headphone jack with variable level-20dB pad switchable in
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  • ​New extensible arm microphone stand featuring fixed elevation arm, fixed desktop stand and clip-on base desktop stand. Suggested for radio
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  • ​The Tube MP Studio V3 delivers warmth and fatness to any audio source while maintaining an exceptionally low-noise signal path. While its primary
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  • ​Elastic Suspension EA 1 (mt) The EA 1 is designed for the TLM 103, TLM 127, TLM 193 and M 147 Tube microphones. It has a swivel mount with a
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  • ​POWER SUPLY FOR STUDIO MIC PGTPhantom power supply unit for PGT studio condenser mic
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  • ​Windscreen for N/DYM-Series Microphones, Grey
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  • ​Wind screen for PL37
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  • ​Microphone holder - Dedicated for bass drums • The microphone can be slided up to 70 mm on the mounting rail and placed very near to the drum •
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  • ​Microphone holder - Dedicated for drums • Easy to mount and remove • Rubber inserts absorb noise and shock • 3/8" thread H: 60 mm Wt: 0.1 kg
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  • ​Popscreen - The large 200 mm nylon screen guarantees optimum sound filtering during studio recording • For stands with diameter of up to 30 mm.
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  • ​Зарядна станция с адаптор за захранване - за литиево-йонни батерии SB900, микрофон дръжка и бодипак трансмитер (SHURE QLXD и ULXD безжични микрофони
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