• ​Speaker Management Processor, 2 Inputs / 6 Outputs Features: • High-Performance AD/DA DAC Chip and High-Speed Processing DSP Chip •
    490.52 лв
    647.77 лв
  • ​Speaker Management Processor: 2 Inputs / 4 Outputs Features: • High-Performance AD/DA DAC Chip and High-Speed Processing DSP Chip •
    373.18 лв
    467.05 лв
  • ​With the DSP 260 digital 2-in-6 sound system manager, DYNACORD is continuing its proud tradition in the field of innovative digital signal
    1640.56 лв
  • ​19" 1 U Analog-Digital Converter, convertst 16 analoque input signals to digital 24-Bit signals for the transfer with CAT5, Jack and TRS Inputs, 2x
    455.32 лв
  • ​16 chanel Mixert for the musician, desk top housing, adjustable EQ, Volume and Panorama (Balance) per channel, 16 switches with LEDs, Solo and Mute
    596.14 лв
  • ​Digital Sound System Processor 24 Bit. 2-in, 6-out Based on a two-in, six-out topology, the DC-One is designed primarily for users of
    1640.56 лв
    2128.73 лв
  • ​Professional Active DI Box Internal battery automatically shuts off when phantom power is connected Direct connection of amplifier outputs
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    96.84 лв
  • ​Digital loudspeaker management system.Features:2 analog inputs/ 6 outputsHigh-end 24-bit/96 kHz A/D and D/A converters for ultimate signal integrity
    519.00 лв
  • ​Stereo Compressor/Expander/Limiter/Gate,ntelligent Knee for soft- and hardknee curves, intelligent ratio looks at the incoming signal, intelligent
    269.90 лв
  • SPECIFICATIONS:Crossover:Stereo2 Ways/mono 3 -waysCrossover Range(stereo): low/mid:50Hz-5HzMid/high;750Hz-7.5Hz Crossover Range(mono): Low/Low -Mid:
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    205.00 лв
  • Professional and fully balanced patchbay eliminates cable clutter in your studio, adding order and clarityFully balanced high-quality ?” TRS
    115.01 лв
    173.68 лв
  • 8 in/2 out line mixer, 2 in/8 out line splitterEach channel can operate independently in mixer or splitter modeUsable as 6 in/6 out level matching
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    222.22 лв
  • Professional 31-band stereo Graphic Equalizer for both live and studio applicationsRevolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly reveals
    424.81 лв
  • Professional, multi-purpose, 8-channel direct injection box for stage and studio applicationsConverts unbalanced line inputs into balanced
    164.15 лв
  • Professional and multi-purpose 4-channel DI box for stage and studio applications Ultra-flat frequency response due to renowned BEHRINGER OT-1
    176.00 лв
  • Converts 2 separate unbalanced 1/4' TRS line inputs into 2 balanced XLR outputsUltra-flexible: mono, 2-channel or stereo DI box operation with
    56.64 лв
    66.64 лв
  • Описание:24-Bit/96 kHz EQ/RTA Mastering Processor / 31-Band Graphic EQ / 61-Band RTA / 10-Band Parametric EQ / Feedback Destroyer / Virtual
    645.42 лв
  • Ultra high-resolution processor for all EQ, RTA and dynamic applications, especially for PA and audiophile masteringUnique TRUE CURVE Function—what
    408.37 лв