• ​Wireless system incl. pocket transmitter, camera receiver and cardioid lavalier microphone The ME 4 clip-on cardioid microphone compliments
    1260.34 лв
    1405.85 лв
  • ​Full range 24-bit / 10Hz–20kHz wireless bodypack systemCompander-free performance• Built-in EQ filter modeling technology• 4th-generation digital
    898.90 лв
    1171.15 лв
  • ​2.4GHz guitar and bass guitar wireless system that sits atop your amp and doesn't require any special cables.24-bit/48kHz uncompressed digital
    727.57 лв
    1056.14 лв
  • ​2.4GHz guitar and bass guitar wireless system designed to fit on your pedal board and doesn't need special cables to work.24-bit/48kHz uncompressed
    701.75 лв
    1056.14 лв
  • BLX14RBodypack Wireless SystemWireless Systems Family BLXSystem Includes WA302Cable, Instrument, 2.5 foot (.75 m), 4 Pin Mini Connector (TA4F) to
    735.00 лв
  • GLXD14 Bodypack Wireless SystemWireless Systems Family GLX-DSystem Includes GLXD4Single-channel wireless receiver with LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency
    950.00 лв
  • UHF Wireless-System with bodypack transmitter, non Diversity receiver with adjustable balanced jack output, HDAP Technoloiy(High Definition Audio
    210.00 лв
    269.00 лв