1655.00 лв
  • ​The Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre is a dual-mode interface and ADAT expander which boasts 8 channels of premium analog audio, rock-solid sync, USB-C, and
    1380.00 лв
  • ​Features  USB Connectivity to Desktop and Laptop ComputersLow Noise Fully Balanced XLR and 1/4-inch TRS Combi InputsUp to 48 dB of Clean Gain n
    209.00 лв
  • ​FeaturesUSB Interface OutputExtremely Low Noise Discrete Front EndUp to 70dB of Clean, “Musical” GainHigh Output Signal Drive CapabilityFast FET
    259.00 лв
  • ​FeaturesBattery-powered amplifier can drive two sets of headphonesLong-lasting (approx. 8 hours) rechargeable Lithium polymer batteryLED indicator
    70.08 лв
    79.70 лв
  • ​FeaturesStudio-quality audio with 24-bit resolution on playback(2) Balanced 1/4" main outputs with dedicated large metal level controlPowers three
    136.00 лв
    156.65 лв
  • ​Features24-bit/192kHz high-definition audio conversion over a USB 2.0 connectionHigh-quality headphone amplifier with 1/4" and 1/8" outputsStereo
    252.45 лв
  • ​FeaturesSuper-high resolution USB to optical/DSD converterEight user-selectable sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8,
    473.34 лв
  • ​Take command of your monitors.You need to be able to switch between multiple sets of monitors and hear what your mix sounds like with and without a
    1370.04 лв
  • ​TubePre V2 Overview Media Features Tech Specs Downloads Buy NowA versatile preamp with impressive dynamic range and detail.Compact and affordable,
    284.20 лв
  • ​Studio Channel Overview Media Accessories Features Tech Specs Downloads Reviews   Buy NowThe Anywhere Channel.We named this channel strip the
    684.04 лв
  • ​DigiMax DP88OverviewCompatibilityMediaFeaturesTech SpecsDownloadsArtists Buy NowThe next generation of preamp/converters.For more than a
    1546.44 лв
  • ​BlueTube DP v2 Overview Media Accessories Features Tech Specs Downloads Reviews   Buy NowA dual-personality preamp with an amazing variety of
    527.34 лв
  • ​ADL 600OverviewMediaAccessoriesFeaturesTech SpecsDownloadsReviews Buy NowUltra-low-noise, with a big, warm, smooth, clear sound.Co-designed
    3722.04 лв
  • ​Digital output board for ISA 430 MK II and ISA One, 24bit/192 khz, 2 analogue ins for 2 channel stereo A/D-convertion; outputs: AES/EBU and S/PDIF
    713.48 лв
  • ​Микрофонен предусилвател / Ченъл стрип286AMic Pre-Amp ProcessorNew dbx® standard internal power supplyFrequency control for De-EsserExpanded meter
    332.00 лв
  • ​DBX 376 IT’S TIME TO CHANGE THE CHANNEL! The standard of excellence for channel strip processors has just been raised once again. From the world
    1225.00 лв
  • ​386Dual Vacuum Tube Preamp w/Digital Out Two channel tube microphone preamplifierSelectable 96kHz, 88.2kHz, 48kHz, or 44.1kHz sampling rate24, 20,
    1225.00 лв