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Product Description for the AKG WMS 450 Vocal Set C5

The AKG WMS450 is your best choice for any application calling for a solution that is more flexible than a simple plug-and-play system yet easy to set up and operate. The WMS450 provides cost-efficient, high-performance solutions for situations where several radio mics will be used simultaneously, including gigs at small clubs, small stages, or regional events. Using several single-channel systems has its limitations and may simply be too much for the available radio band.

Why the WMS450 ROCKS at its new low price!
60% more powerful than ANY other wireless in its class! The WMS450 systems feature high output 50mw transmitters while others in its class offer only 30mw (some even only 12mw!) The WMS450 features the kind of power youd typically find on systems costing thousands of dollars.

Auto Frequency Wizard makes the WMS450 easy to use in any environment! Not only can you use up to a possible 36 simultaneous channels of the WMS450, but the Auto-Frequency Wizard makes sure your system is interference free by automatically looking for the best frequency to use!

Great Battery Management.
Be Lean and Green with the longest operating time in class: 6 hours using 1 x AA dry battery or 8 hours using our nickel metal hydride rechargeable "smart battery". Plus, AKG is the only manufacturer at this price point to include charging contacts on our transmitters for drop-in use with the CU400 2 system charger.

Capsules built for the stage.
Whether you want the "in your face" crisp sound the condenser C5 capsule offers or the impressive gain before feedback the D5 serves up, the WMS450 handhelds are perfect for where you use wireless the most...on stage!

AKG Just Sounds Better.
Yeah, we know. The "best sound in class" is a subjective statement but with the widest frequency response and highest dynamic range along with the lowest self noise of any product in its price range...we dont know how else to say it!

The AKG WMS 450 is your ultimate choice for any wireless application calling for a solution thats more flexible than just another plug-and-play system. This Pro Range from AKG provides a cost-effective, high-performance frequency agile solution even where several wireless devices are used simultaneously, including gigs at clubs, stages, presentations, churches or festivals. The system can auto select from 1200 frequencies and operate with up to 20 channels simultaneously within the same band. You can even set up a more complex solution using AKG antenna splitters, power supply units and charging stations.