Focusrite ISA Two

Марка: Focusrite
Арт. номер:
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1969.13 лв 1640.56 лв

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Two independent heritage microphone preamps from the original ISA 110 module designs 

The ISA Story goes back to 1985, when Sir George Martin commissioned legendary designer Rupert Neve to design new modules for the console at AIR Montserrat. They were so successful that more were commissioned for AIR London. These original modules form the basis of today’s Focusrite ISA range – delivering the legendary Focusrite sound to leading studios, artists, producers and engineers around the world. Literally hundreds of hits have been made with the Focusrite ISA Range – and continue to be made today. 

Key Features: 

• Lundahl LL1538 mic input transformer 
• Up to 80 dB of gain 
• Variable input impedance 
• User-calibrated metering 
• Front panel instrument and rear panel line inputs 
• Variable cut-off high-pass filter 
• Rear panel balanced inserts 


Front panel, per channel: 

• 1/4" instrument input 
• Variable input impedance - Low, ISA 110, Medium, High 
• Input selection - Mic, Line, Instrument 
• 0 - 30 dB/30 - 60 dB gain switch 
• Phantom power switch 
• Phase invert switch 
• 0 - 60 dB gain in 10 dB steps 
• 0 - +20 dB continuously variable trim 
• Variable high-pass filter with on/off switch 
• Insert point on/off switch 
• Eight-LED user-calibrated level meters 
• Single power switch 

Rear panel, per channel: 

• XLR-F mic inputs 
• 1/4" TRS line inputs 
• 1/4" TRS Sends 
• 1/4" TRS Returns 
• XLR-M line output 
• Single peak meter calibration dial 
• Single IEC power socket