LINE6 Dr Distorto Module

Марка: Line 6
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Distortion mini-stomp box module

The Dr. Distorto Module from Line 6 delivers classic, full-bodied distortion tones and gives you the ability to achieve incredible sustain at any distortion level using an innovative harmonic feedback circuit. The feedback switch turns the distortion circuit on and off. When off it disables other controls allowing you to use the Dr. Distorto effects pedal for distortion only. A Sustain switch gives you a choice of sustain on the note played or sustain an octave above the note played. A Rise knob adjusts the length of time it takes for sustain to begin and a Fall knob sets the duration. A Blend knob adjusts sustain volume. Other controls include a 3-way gate switch (off, mild, and clamp), level, tone, and drive.