RCF LF12N401

Свържете се с нас за наличност! 12" Power: 800W rms, 1600W program. Sensitivity: 96 dB Freq. Range 46-2000 Hz
Марка: RCF
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Говорител - 12" - 800W RMS - 96dB - 45Hz-2000Hz


4-inch, fiberglass inside/outside copper voice coil

1600W continuous program power handling

96 dB Sensitivity

45 Hz – 2 kHz Frequency range

Dual-forced air ventilation for minimum power compression

Single spider designed


Nominal Diameter:300 / 12 mm/inch

Rated Impedance:8 Ω

Program Power:1600 W AES

Power handling capacity:800 W AES

Sensitivity:96 dB

Frequency Range:45 Hz ÷ 2000 Hz

Effective Piston Diameter:260 / 10.2 mm/inch

Max Excursion Before Damage (peak to peak):50 / 1.96 mm/inch

Minimum Impedance:7.2 Ω

Voice Coil Diameter:100 / 4 mm/inch

Voice Coil Material:Copper

Voice Coil Winding Depth:21 / 0.82 mm/inch

Number of layers:2

Kind of layer:inside / outside

Top Plate Thickness:15 / 0.6 mm/inch

Cone Material:No pressed pulp

Cone Design:Straight

Surround Material:Polycotton

Surround Design:Triple roll


DC resistance:5.5Ω

Mechanical factor:9.1

Electrical factor:0.21

Total factor:0.20

BL Factor:26 T · m

Effective Moving Mass:78 g

Equivalent Cas air load:50 liters

Effettive piston area:0.053 m²

Max. linear excursion (mathematical):7.3 mm

Voice - coil inductance @ 1kHz:1.7 mH

Half-space efficiency:2.54%


Overall Diameter:320 / 12.6 mm/inch

Bolt Circle Diameter:293-304 / 11.5-12 mm/inch

Bolt Hole Diameter:6.5 / 0.3 mm/inch

Front Mount Baffle Cut-out:282 / 11.1 mm/inch

Rear Mount Baffle Cut-out:284/11.2 mm/inch

Depth:140 / 5.5 mm/inch

Volume occupied by the driver:2.9 / 0.098 liters/ft³

Net Weight:6.5 / 14.3 kg/lbs


Shipping weight:7.5 / 16.5 kg/lbs