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evolution wireless D1 Lavalier-Set with ME 2 lavalier microphone for live stage use. 

Unobtrusive professional clip-on microphone 
Up to 15 compatible channels (under optimal conditions) in license-free 2.4 GHz band 
Automatic frequency management 
Prevents interference: Intelligent channel back-up allows co-existence with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 
Audio effects: equalizer, de-esser, automatic gain control 
iOS app for remote control and monitoring of the system 
Sturdy metal housing 

SK D1 
Microphone 50 to 20,000 Hz 
2.2 V RMS 
Weight approx. 85 g 
RF output power adaptive, up to 100 mW (country-specific) 
Battery Specification 2 x AA size battery (1,5V) 
Input impedance 1 M? 
Connection 3.5 mm jack socket, lockable 
Line 20 to 20,000 Hz 
3.3 V RMS 
Input sensitivity automatic sensitivity adjustment 
Accupack BA 30 (Li-Ion, 3.7V) 
ME 2 
Microphone pre-polarized condenser 
Max. sound pressure level 130 dB SPL 
Pick-up pattern omni-directional 
Sensitivity 20 mV/Pa 

Operating temperature – 10 °C to +55 °C 
Signal-to-noise ratio ? 105 dB (A) 
RF frequency range 2,400 to 2,483.5 MHz 
Modulation GFSK with back channel 
Dynamic range > 135 dB (A) 
Audio sampling 24 bit/48 kHz 

Latency 3.9 ms 
Audio codec APT-X Live 
AF frequency response 20 to 20.000 Hz 
EM D1 
Weight approx. 824 g 
Audio output Mic/line level switch –24 dB/0 dB, XLR, balanced max +18 dBu, Jack, unbalanced/balanced max +12 dBu/max +18 dBu 
RF output power back channel 10 mW/100 mW (country-specific) 
Power supply 12 V DC hollow jack 
Antenna connector 2 x Rev-SMA 
Current consumption 350 mA 
Low-cut filter –3 dB at 120 Hz 
RF sensitivity <-90 dBm 
Connection XLR/?" (6.3 mm) jack 
Equalizer 7-band graphic equalizer 
Automatic gain control (AGC) compression/expansion with automatic make-up gain function 
Display OLED